S140 Aluminium beam

S140 Aluminium beam
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S140 Aluminium beam  for forming and shoring. Can be used as secondary beam in connection... more
Product information "S140 Aluminium beam"

S140 Aluminium beam for forming and shoring. Can be used as secondary beam in connection with Aluminium stringer 165.
2,190 units

Technical specifications:

Section Properties Imperial Metric
Cross-Section Area A 1.72 in2 1112 mm2
Moment of Inertia Ixx 6.99 in4 2.91E6 mm4
Iyy 0.97 in4 405E3 mm4
Section Modulus Sxx(max) 2.79 in3 45.67E3 mm3
Sxx(min) 2.22 in3 36.38E3 mm3
Syy(min) 0.57 in3 9.34E3 mm3
Radius of Gyration rx 2.01 in 51.18 mm
ry 0.75 in 19.09 mm
Weight/ft without nailer 2.01 lb/ft 3.00 kg/m
with nailer 2.78 lb/ft 4.15 kg/m
Material Properties AA Aluminium Alloy 60661-T6
Ultimate Tensile Strength Fu 38 ksi 260 MPa
Yield Strength Fy 35 ksi 240 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity E 10150 ksi 70000 MPa
Density p 0.0975 lb/in3 2700 kg/m3
% Elongation   8%

Smaller sizes (1.2m/1.5m) and longer sizes (up to 6.6m) are available on demand.

2190 units

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