About Us

BrandSafway is a leading global provider of access, specialized services and forming solutions to the industrial, commercial and infrastructure end markets. Hünnebeck, AlumaSystems and SGB are a part of the global team of experts by BrandSafway.

Hünnebeck has been one of the leading manufacturers of formwork, scaffolding and safety products since 1929. We have a broad range of wall and slab formwork, self-climbing formwork, shoring, scaffolding and safety systems, available for rent or purchase, for a wide array of uses – from commercial construction to industrial and infrastructure applications.

Aluma Systems dynamic forming and shoring systems enable you to build faster, safer and smarter. With four decades of experience in more than 50 countries, Aluma Systems improves the quality and speed of construction all over the world. From high-rise towers, dams and stadiums to bridges, transit systems, and water treatment plants, Aluma Systems has revolutionized on-site productivity.

Since its birth, SGB has been one of the best-known and well-respected names in the industry. Today, SGB delivers end-to-end forming, shoring, access and scaffolding solutions to the world’s commercial construction and maintenance, infrastructure, and industrial markets.

* All prices are quoted net of the statutory value-added tax and shipping costs and possibly delivery charges, if not otherwise described

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